Introducing Aliepson Modeling Academy, LLC


Hey Guys!

I am so Excited! I have Officially started my own Modeling School to Educate, Develop, and Brand inspiring Models to Efficiently Function in the Beauty Industry. It has been such an Interesting Journey getting AMA Launched and I can truly say, the Hard work and Late nights are paying off; I'm OFFICIALLY in Business for Myself!!! God is so Good!  Not only is it Exciting to Learn to be a Business Woman but it feels so good to Teach young girls and boys to find themselves and to Create their own Opportunities.


No matter what life has thrown at me. I've been able to overcome. My Faith has been tested at times, but I've always remained Positive & Open-minded.  I've always trusted that God had a plan for me and I always knew he wasn't Finished with me yet.  Today, I want to take a second to tell you, No matter what you may be facing! It is temporary. You are Stronger than you could ever imagine and the true Success is in your FAITH! Appreciate your Journey because that is how your Story is being Formed! Do not Rush your Story, it will be a master piece!



Ok, so back to AMA!

It was Implemented in March of 2016, beginning as a Private Academy.  The Objective is to teach Models how to create a New Way of doing things in the Modeling Industry. We offer Classes to, not only, enhance Your Runway Capabilities, but to also Fully equip you with the Tools, Knowledge, and Understanding needed to function in the Fashion Business. Our Students Graduate from A.M.A., Branded, Experienced, and Ready to Create their own Opportunities. In addition to Teaching Model-Etiquette, Posing, Angles, Facial Expressions, and Stances; A.M.A pushes students to embrace their Talents and to understand their Full Potential.

If you are looking to get your Modeling Career Soaring, in a Productive, Professional, and Efficient way; all we can say is A.M.A.

Here, at Aliepson Modeling Academy, we Create, not Wait, on Opportunities!

Don't Delay, Lets get you Enrolled Today! #EnrollToday #ModelingSchool #Atlanta #Atl #Models #RunwayTraining



 Flyer done by: @SDGraphics1  Model Featured: @FreidyArache

Flyer done by: @SDGraphics1

Model Featured: @FreidyArache