Extra on the set of "A Question of Faith"

Being an Extra is such an Interesting Experience.  Being a International Runway Model, its not always easy to switch hats, as Extras are treated a lot differently than a Runway Model.  You must humble yourself as an extra. You're the LEAST of everyones worry.  No hair, No Make up and you are the Last to eat.  Though an Extras role is a very Important part of a production, you must still know your role and stay in your lane.  What I appreciate most about the art of Acting is the discipline one must have to pursue this career.  You have a million lines to remember, VERY LONG hours on set, and most scenes are shot numerous times and you must deliver your lines the same way each time.  The Beauty of getting an opportunity to be on a nationally syndicated set is that you film amongst big name individuals, you get to see how many people ;it takes to accomplish one goal, you get to see how all of the lights and stage setting works; which forces you to watch movies and television a lot differently.

"A Question of Faith" is a uplifting Faith-based film which follows three families of different cultures within the same community, who are all complete strangers, living vastly separate lives until a single texting and driving accident puts them on converging paths of loss, pain, uncertainty, forgiveness, and ultimately redemption. (excerpt from 'A Question of Faith' FB Page)

The Movie is starring: Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, Gregory Alan Williams, C. Thomas Howell, Jaci Velasquez, T.C. Stallings, Renee O'Connor, Donna Briscoe, Karen Valero, and Amber Nelon Thompson.

Below, I'm Pictured with Richard T. Jones and Greg Alan Williams!

Great time on set! 9 hrs Filming! I sat in the Front Pew with Kim Fields and Gregory Alan Williams. Amazing Experience!

In Theaters March 2017!